Artwork for Mobilize - Episode 16 - New Leadership and New Solutions

Mobilize - Episode 16 - New Leadership and New Solutions

Mobilize producer Betsy Nagler interviews New York State Senate candidate Alessandra Biaggi about her campaign to unseat Jeff Klein, the former leader of the Independent Democratic Conference. While the IDC’s eight members just made a deal to reunite with the mainline Senate Democrats, they have spent that past eight years caucusing with Senate Republicans and blocking progressive legislation in order to gain money and power for themselves. Biaggi is running against these “fake Democrats” as part of a wave of new, progressive candidates now stepping up to run for office throughout the country, and fighting back against the Trump agenda.

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About Mobilize

Mobilize is a podcast that puts a spotlight on and is a resource for people, friends, communities, and activists who have decided to stand up, resist, fight back -- mobilize.

Each day, together, we shine a light on the truth; we focus on the things that unite us; we pull each other up; we celebrate our shared humanity.